The protection of people and property as a goal

New products in the wireless fire detection system Series 200AP-RF

Wireless fire detection systems are particularly suited for areas where, due to the architectural, technical or organisational circumstances, hard wired fire detectors can not be used. However, they are also very suitable for retrofitting without changing the installation of the building. A few products have been added to the Series 200AP-RF.

The red manual call point DKMCPR-RF and the blue manual call point DKMCPB-RF according to EN 54-11 / type B are used for manual alarm activation. The red manual call point has been tested and certified by VdS.

The wireless module M211E-RF has a line-monitored input and a monitored output which, by means of the configuration software Agile IQ, can be reprogrammed as dry relay output.

The wireless sounders WSO-RR-RF (red) and WSO-WW-RF (white) can be activated with two different tones. Altogether, you can choose from among 32 tone type combinations. The sound level can be set to one of three levels. The wireless sounder-strobes WSF-RR-RF (red) and WSF-WR-RF also offer 32 tone type combinations as well as 3 sound levels, which are programmed through the configuration software Agile IQ. The strobe has been certified according to EN 54-23 Class W-3.5-10 and therefore is intended for wall mounting at a height of up to 3.5m.

The RF dongle M200WC-RF-PRO is designed to link a notebook to the RF system. In comparison with the LITE licence, the PRO licence offers additional functions: data can be stored in the RF Interface M200G-RF, advanced parameters of the RF system can be set, and reports in the pdf format can be created.

The outstanding features of the Series 200AP-RF are summarised below:

  • Thanks to the Mesh technology, an alternative communication path will be created in the event of a failure of the direct radio connection between a wireless element and the RF interface. In this way, increased transmission security is guaranteed.
  • Design, features and technical construction of the sensors have been borrowed from the loop detectors Series 200AP and therefore offer the same advantages.
  • The RF interface can manage up to 32 automatic detectors, manual call points and other elements. Every wireless element is assigned its own address on the loop. The RF interface has a range of 400m.
  • By means of RF repeaters, the range can be increased by 500m.
  • The parameters of the RF system are set through the PC software Agile IQ. In addition, the software also makes planning, commissioning and maintenance of the wireless fire detection system easier.
  • The wireless elements Series 200AP-RF use batteries of type CR123. The use of commercially available batteries makes the purchase and stockkeeping easier. The batteries have a life span of 4 years.
  • The wireless elements Series 200AP-RF have been tested and certified according to EN 54-25, in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation CPR. Some products additionally have a VdS approval.