The protection of people and property as a goal

The highest quality

LST-products live up to their promise!

As an innovation driver in the field of hazard detection technology, LST develops products and solutions that combine precise detection with maximum functional reliability. The products are characterised by expandability, ease of programming and ease-of-use.

LST-products are 100 % tested under rigorous testing procedures and exceed the highest safety provisions and standards of many countries. The high quality standards are underpinned by numerous product and system certifications as well as ongoing patent applications.


The Labor Strauss Group has state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing electronic products in-house. The use of high-performance components and high-quality materials as well as the application of strict test procedures ensure the highest quality and reliability of the products.



The companies of the Labor Strauss Group are tested and certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The products manufactured in-house are certified pursuant to country-specific standards and regulations.



General Documents

    • Declaration of conformity with RoHS 26. February 2020 |
    • Declaration of conformity with REACH 01. July 2020 |